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Excellent Series Akshar Lahar Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

"Dive into the world of 'Akshar Lahar Nursery,' a cutting-edge series designed in harmony with NEP 2020. This transformative nursery program nurtures young minds, instilling a passion for learning through interactive activities and NEP-aligned educational content."

Excellent Series Balgeet & Rhymes A Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

Explore the magic of learning with "Balgeet & Rhymes: A Nursery," an engaging series designed in harmony with the NEP 2020. This delightful collection of traditional rhymes and contemporary educational elements creates a joyful learning experience for young minds, fostering holistic development and aligning with the principles of the National Education Policy.

Excellent Series Enjoy With Number (1 To 100) Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

"Explore the enchanting 'Excellent Series Enjoy with Numbers (1 to 100) Nursery,' a NEP 2020-aligned educational delight. This series captivates young learners with its colorful visuals, interactive lessons, and nursery rhymes, making the journey of numerical exploration a joyous one. Foster early numeracy skills and set the stage for a lifelong love of learning in your little ones."

Excellent Series Mark My Art & Craft A Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

"Immerse your little ones in the enchanting world of 'Mark My Art & Craft A Nursery,' a series that harmoniously blends creativity with the principles of NEP 2020. Focused on nurturing young minds, this curriculum sparks curiosity and cultivates holistic development through imaginative and experiential learning. A joyous educational journey awaits!"

Excellent Series My Big Book Of Alphabet Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

"Explore the enchanting world of letters with 'My Big Book of Alphabet Nursery,' a series thoughtfully crafted in accordance with NEP 2020. This engaging collection of books offers vibrant illustrations and interactive content, making it the perfect companion for early learners. From A to Z, lay the foundation for a child's cognitive development and ignite a lifelong love for learning."

Excellent Series My Big Book Of Writing (C. Letter) Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

Explore the captivating world of writing with "My Big Book of Writing (C. Letter) Nursery," a series designed for young learners based on NEP 2020. This engaging resource introduces the letter 'C' through interactive activities, vibrant illustrations, and age-appropriate content, fostering early literacy skills in a fun and educational way. Ideal for nurseries, this series is a must-have for educators and parents committed to providing a solid foundation for children's learning journey.

Excellent Series Sulekh Sarita A Nursary – Based On NEP 2020

"Sulekh Sarita Nursery, inspired by NEP 2020, is a cutting-edge educational series that nurtures young minds with a holistic approach to learning. Focused on creativity, critical thinking, and inquiry-based methods, it lays the foundation for a child's academic journey, fostering a love for learning from the very start."