The Student Advisor’s NCERT at A Glance books for Class 7 are prepared strictly in accordance with the Latest Syllabus issued by CBSE. The books are designed to help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The books include Easy to understand theory covering all key concepts to help students learn the chapter completely, NCERT Corner covering solved questions from NCERT Textbook (Intext & Exercises), Assorted Questions includes various types of questions like Multiple Choice Questions, Fillin the Blanks, Subjective problems including Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type & Long Answer Type Questions, Competency Based Questions like Case Based Questions and Assertion-Reason Based Questions, Olympiad Corner covering previous year questions from various Olympiad/Talent search exams. We hope that this book proves to be an effective tool in the hands of the students for better understanding and knowledge of the subject preparing for their examinations.

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