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Samvid “Communicative English” Class 8 – English Reader – Unveiling Language: Exploring English Communication

Samvid's Class 8 'Communicative English' reader, 'Unveiling Language: Exploring English Communication,' is a vibrant resource for eighth-grade students. Packed with diverse literary content and interactive exercises, it nurtures language proficiency and promotes confident English communication. An essential tool for educators prioritizing holistic language development.

Samvid Computer World Class 8 Based On NEP 2020 With Digital Support

Samvid Computer World Class 8, in alignment with NEP 2020, delivers a modern computer science curriculum with digital support. Tailored for today's learners, it covers programming, digital literacy, and emerging technologies. The curriculum fosters critical thinking and problem-solving, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of computer science concepts. With interactive digital resources, it ensures a seamless blend of traditional teaching and contemporary tools, preparing students for success in the digital age.

Samvid Explore Art Class 8 – Based On NEP 2020

Samvid Explore Art Class 8, inspired by NEP 2020, delivers a vibrant art curriculum for eighth-grade students. Emphasizing creativity and critical thinking, the program blends modern teaching techniques with cultural exploration. Through hands-on projects, students develop artistic skills while gaining a profound appreciation for the diverse world of art.

Samvid GK Time Class 8 – Based on NEP 2020 with Digital Support

"Samvid GK Time Class 8, inspired by NEP 2020, combines tradition with technology for a holistic learning experience. With a focus on interactive digital tools, the curriculum fosters critical thinking and conceptual clarity. This innovative resource empowers students with comprehensive knowledge, ensuring they navigate education with confidence."

Samvid Mathematics Textbook for Class VIII (Based on NCERT and NEP 2020) – Exploring Maths: A Comprehensive Textbook for Middle School

Samvid's Class VIII Mathematics Textbook, 'Exploring Maths,' aligns seamlessly with NCERT and NEP 2020. Tailored for middle school, it offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to mathematical concepts. With a focus on conceptual clarity and real-world applications, this textbook fosters a love for mathematics, ensuring students build a strong foundation for future studies. It's an ideal companion for students seeking both educational depth and an enjoyable learning experience.

Samvid Science Textbook for Class VIII (Based on NCERT and NEP 2020) – Exploring Science: A Comprehensive Textbook for Middle School

"Samvid Science Textbook for Class VIII, 'Exploring Science,' is a dynamic educational companion rooted in NCERT and NEP 2020 guidelines. Tailored for middle school, it seamlessly combines theory with practical application, nurturing critical thinking skills. Packed with vibrant illustrations and interactive exercises, this resource ensures an engaging learning experience. 'Exploring Science' prepares students for academic success, fostering a genuine passion for scientific inquiry and discovery."