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Samvid “Communicative English” Class 6 – English Reader – Unveiling Language: Exploring English Communication

"Samvid Communicative English Class 6 - English Reader" introduces "Unveiling Language: Exploring English Communication," an interactive curriculum designed for young learners. Through engaging stories and activities, students delve into the world of English communication, fostering essential language skills with creativity and enjoyment.

Samvid Computer World Class 6 Based On NEP 2020 With Digital Support

"Samvid Computer World Class 6, in harmony with NEP 2020, is a cutting-edge curriculum integrating digital support. Tailored for the modern learner, it combines theory with hands-on activities, fostering critical thinking and digital literacy. Empowering students for the future, it's a bridge to academic excellence and technological proficiency."

Samvid Explore Art Class 6 – Based On NEP 2020

Samvid Explore Art Class 6, in line with NEP 2020, provides a vibrant art education emphasizing creativity and cultural awareness. Through a blend of traditional and modern techniques, students develop skills, critical thinking, and a love for artistic expression, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the visual arts.

Samvid GK Time Class 6 – Based on NEP 2020 with Digital Support

"Samvid GK Time Class 6, in line with NEP 2020, revolutionizes learning for young students. This program blends traditional teaching with digital support, offering a holistic and engaging curriculum. Through multimedia resources and interactive activities, it cultivates curiosity, critical thinking, and real-world skills. Samvid GK Time ensures that education becomes a joyful and enlightening journey, preparing students for a future of success."

Samvid Social Science Textbook for Class VI (Based on NCERT and NEP 2020) – Exploring Social Science: A Comprehensive Textbook for Middle School

Dive into the world of social sciences with 'Samvid Class VI Social Science Textbook.' Aligned with NCERT and NEP 2020, this middle school resource offers an engaging exploration of history, geography, civics, and economics. Packed with interactive content, it sparks curiosity and nurtures critical thinking. An essential companion for students and educators, it lays the foundation for a profound understanding of the social world.