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Samvid “Communicative English” Class 4 – English Reader – Unveiling Language: Exploring English Communication

Samvid's Class 4 English Reader, "Unveiling Language," is a dynamic resource that nurtures young learners' English communication skills. Tailored for fourth-graders, it combines engaging stories and interactive exercises to enhance reading comprehension and verbal expression. A must-have for educators and students committed to communicative language learning.

Samvid Computer World Class 4 Based On NEP 2020 With Digital Support

Samvid Computer World Class 4, inspired by NEP 2020, delivers a forward-thinking curriculum for fourth-grade students. Embracing digital support, it blends traditional teaching with interactive technology, cultivating critical thinking and digital literacy. This program prepares young learners for the future, aligning seamlessly with the evolving landscape of education.

Samvid English Grammar Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020 with Digital Support

Samvid English Grammar Class 4, following NEP 2020 guidelines, combines traditional grammar teaching with digital support for a holistic language learning experience. Engaging activities and interactive lessons enhance English proficiency, preparing students for the demands of the modern education landscape.

Samvid Explore Art Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020

Samvid Explore Art Class 4, inspired by NEP 2020, encourages creativity and critical thinking in young learners. Through a blend of traditional and contemporary art, students discover the joy of self-expression and cultural appreciation. This program cultivates confident and innovative artists, aligning with the vision of the National Education Policy.

Samvid GK Time Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020 with Digital Support

Samvid GK Time Class 4, in line with NEP 2020, provides a modern and engaging learning experience for young students. With a focus on holistic development and digital support, the curriculum blends traditional subjects with cutting-edge technology, preparing learners for a dynamic future.

Samvid Green Tree Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020 with Digital Support

Samvid Green Tree Class 4, following NEP 2020, provides an innovative and digitally-enhanced learning experience. With a focus on critical thinking and digital literacy, it prepares students for the 21st century. Engaging resources and interactive activities ensure a comprehensive and advanced educational journey.

Samvid Hindi Sulekh Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020

"Samvid Sulekh Class 4, inspired by NEP 2020, nurtures Hindi writing skills in young learners through creative exercises. Focused on fluency, grammar, and creativity, the program instills a passion for Hindi language and aligns with the holistic goals of the National Education Policy."

Samvid Hindi Vidha Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020

Samvid Hindi Vidha Class 4, in line with NEP 2020, provides a dynamic learning journey for young learners. This curriculum emphasizes language skills, critical thinking, and cultural awareness through interactive methods, fostering holistic development. It promotes creativity and a sense of national identity, aligning with the modern, competency-based education system.

Samvid Hindi Vyakran Avm Rachna Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020

"Samvid Hindi Vyakaran Avm Rachna Class 4, in alignment with NEP 2020, offers a dynamic language learning experience for young students. This curriculum prioritizes interactive Hindi grammar and composition, fostering essential language skills while promoting creativity. Tailored to the evolving educational paradigm, Samvid Class 4 is designed to instill a love for Hindi, ensuring students grasp grammar fundamentals and develop effective communication and writing abilities. This resource serves as a vital tool for educators and students, embodying the principles of the National Education Policy 2020."

Samvid Writing Skills Class 4 – Based on NEP 2020

Samvid Writing Skills Class 4, inspired by NEP 2020, is a dynamic curriculum nurturing language proficiency in young learners. Crafted with engaging lessons and creative exercises, it promotes effective communication and critical thinking. Aligned with NEP's learner-centric principles, it instills a love for language, empowering students to express thoughts with clarity and confidence.