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Vedanta English Blosssom Class 5 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta English Blossom Class 5 embraces the principles of NEP 2020, providing a vibrant English learning journey. Through captivating stories and interactive activities, the curriculum promotes critical thinking and communication skills. Aligned with NEP's learner-centric approach, it equips students with language proficiency and cognitive abilities, fostering holistic development for navigating the global landscape.

Vedanta Gateway To Grammar Class 5 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta Gateway to Grammar Class 5, inspired by NEP 2020, offers a vibrant language learning experience. This resource blends innovative pedagogy with NEP guidelines, promoting strong grammatical foundations and effective communication skills. Designed for seamless learning, it caters to both educators and students, making language proficiency enjoyable and aligned with modern educational standards.

Vedanta Hindi Vyakaran Satuti Class 5 – Based On NEP 2020

"Vedanta Hindi Vyakaran Satuti for Class 5 is a modern language curriculum inspired by the National Education Policy 2020. It blends traditional grammar with innovative teaching methods to enhance language skills, critical thinking, and creativity. Tailored for young learners, this resource ensures a well-rounded and engaging Hindi language learning experience, aligning with the learner-centric principles of NEP 2020."

Vedanta Wonders Of Mathematics Class 5 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta Wonders of Mathematics for Class 5, inspired by NEP 2020, is a dynamic and student-friendly curriculum. It not only teaches essential math concepts but also nurtures a love for the subject through interactive methods. Aligned with real-world applications, it empowers students with problem-solving skills for the future. A perfect blend of education and enjoyment, Vedanta Wonders of Mathematics ensures a holistic learning experience for fifth-grade students.