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Vedanta English Blosssom Class 1 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta English Blossom Class 1, inspired by the National Education Policy 2020, offers an enriching language learning experience. Tailored for young learners, the program combines language skills with creativity, building a strong foundation in English while nurturing a love for literature. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, it instills effective communication and critical thinking skills, aligning with the NEP 2020's holistic education approach.

Vedanta Gateway To Grammar Class 1 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta Gateway to Grammar Class 1, in harmony with NEP 2020, provides a vibrant and effective English language learning experience for young students. This program, designed for Class 1, employs engaging methods to build a strong grammar foundation while aligning with the principles of the National Education Policy, fostering holistic learning and communication skills.

Vedanta Green Planet (EVS) Class 1 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta Green Planet, tailored for Class 1 EVS, echoes the principles of NEP 2020. This curriculum blends interactive learning, interdisciplinary themes, and age-appropriate content to instill environmental awareness in young minds, nurturing a generation committed to sustainability.

Vedanta Hindi Satuti Class 1 – Based On NEP 2020

Vedanta's Hindi Satuti Class 1, in line with NEP 2020, provides a dynamic and fun learning experience. This curriculum prioritizes Hindi language skills through interactive lessons and activities, fostering holistic development in young learners.

Vedanta Hindi Vyakaran Satuti Class 1 – Based On NEP 2020

"Vedanta's Class 1 Hindi Vyakaran Satuti, in line with NEP 2020, offers a well-rounded grammar program. Merging traditional Vedanta teaching with modern methods, it equips young learners with essential language skills. The curriculum prioritizes interactive learning, ensuring students develop a strong foundation in Hindi grammar, fostering linguistic confidence and proficiency from the outset."

Vedanta Wonders Of Mathematics Class 1 – Based On NEP 2020

Explore the magic of mathematics with Vedanta Wonders of Mathematics for Class 1, crafted in harmony with the NEP 2020. This program makes learning math delightful for young learners, blending interactive elements and age-appropriate content. Emphasizing conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills, it lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of numbers and shapes. Engage, discover, and set the stage for a strong mathematical foundation with this innovative resource.