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Pragyan Series Akshar Gyan – Based On NEP 2020

Pragyan Series Akshar Gyan is a cutting-edge educational series in line with NEP 2020. It embraces modern teaching techniques to cultivate literacy skills, critical thinking, and creativity. This initiative is a vital resource for students, offering a transformative learning experience for the 21st century.

Pragyan Series Akshar Lekhan – Based On NEP 2020

Pragyan Series Akshar Lekhan, influenced by NEP 2020, is a cutting-edge program fostering language proficiency and effective writing skills. This initiative embraces innovative teaching methods to align with the transformative goals of the National Education Policy, providing students with a holistic and flexible educational experience.

Pragyan Series Drawing A – Based On NEP 2020

Pragyan Series Drawing A captures the essence of NEP 2020 in a vibrant visual narrative, symbolizing the transformative journey towards a holistic, flexible, and globally competitive education system.

Pragyan Series English Alphabet – Based On NEP 2020

The Pragyan Series, inspired by NEP 2020, revolutionizes English language learning. This learner-centric approach integrates interactive methods and cultivates holistic development, aligning seamlessly with the principles of the National Education Policy. The series goes beyond language proficiency, emphasizing critical thinking and practical application, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience for students across diverse learning styles.

Pragyan Series Number Book 1 To 100 – Based On NEP 2020

Explore the Pragyan Series, comprising Books 1 to 100, intricately designed to echo the principles of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This enlightening series offers a rich tapestry of subjects, promoting holistic education and critical thinking. A must-have for students and educators, each volume is a beacon of knowledge, seamlessly integrating theory and practical wisdom. Embrace the transformative power of learning with the Pragyan Series, where each book is a key to unlocking a world of intellectual growth and curiosity.

Pragyan Series Rhymes & Balgeet A – Based On NEP 2020

Pragyan Series Rhymes & Balgeet A, influenced by NEP 2020, offers delightful and educational rhymes for preschoolers. Aligned with the National Education Policy, this series fosters holistic development through engaging content and vibrant visuals, making early learning a joyful experience for young minds.

Pragyan Series Table Book – Based On NEP 2020

The "Pragyan Series Table Book" is your essential guide to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Packed with informative tables and concise insights, this book is a valuable resource for educators, policymakers, and students, offering a clear roadmap to navigate the transformative changes in India's education system.